DATATEL aims to create new competitive and strategic advantages for its customers, introducing advanced and effective technology solutions. DATATEL participates in the telecommunication market development in Russia by setting and keeping high standards of system integration service.

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System integration

Since its introduction on the market of JSC “DATATEL” positioned itself as a company that provides a full omplex system integration services in the field of telecommunications. The core business of the company was the execution of complex projects for the needs of service providers, government agencies, corporate customers, as well as work in the segment of the creation of technological networks.

Under the full range of system integration services provided by the company refers to activities in the design, delivery, implementation and maintenance of equipment and software systems at all stages of their iznennogo cycle; implementation consulting services, audit services existing customer, monitoring and control systems Procedure under maintenance agreements and laboratory simulations of the proposed solutions and real-life situations arising from the operation of network and information systems.

The portfolio offers DATATEL – solutions, backed by completed projects for the construction of telecommunication infrastructure of the customer on the basis of multi-service networks, distributed systems, video conferencing, data centers brabotki, information security systems, software and hardware complex control and network management, auditing, network solutions for the creation of call centers and advanced telephone services unified communications.

In addition, DATATEL has a number of proven solutions for the creation of technological networks for monitoring and control at the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex and transport management.